Wednesday, November 2, 2016


WOW!  What a week so far!  I almost missed WOYWW this week...sorry I am so late but I did make it to the party!  We have been on the road since Oct. 23 and still have a couple weeks to go.  We are currently in Cloverdale, California and will be touring the wineries in Sonoma tomorrow. We toured several places in Napa Valley today and enjoyed visiting places we had been before.

Since last Wednesday we have been to Tucson AZ, the Grand Canyon, Tehatchapi, CA, Berkley, Oakland, and San Jose California where our daughter lives.  I have taken hundreds of pictures but will only post a few here.  Still no craft work or desk to share with you.  My daughter gave me a ton of new stuff and stamps when I visited with her so I will try and do something soon to share.

Okay a few photos...btw this is WOYWW and if you would like to see a few crafty desks link up with Julia at Stamping Ground!
Cactus in our friends yard!
Chuck and his friends and co-worker Bob and Bob's wife Kate.

We journeyed on to the Grand Canyon and Williams AZ for the night.

Rock formation at the Grand Canyon south rim.
Selfie with my DH!
Next stop was in Tehachapi CA and a visit with Chucks sister Joanne and her son and daughter in law.
me, Jon, Chuck, and his sister Joanne
Joanne, Jon, and Candy
A beautiful Rose hedge that bordered the road for over a half of a mile and ended in a palm tree cluster!

We continued north to the San Francisco Bay and and a Halloween party and fun visit with him in Oakland.  Our daughter moved to San Jose in June so it was fun to be able to spend time with her and her husband.  Heather has some beautiful flowers around her house.  Beautiful like she is.  Never get enough pictures of all over us together!  

 Okay enough for today.  Will try to post more tomorrow!  Have a great week.  If you visit my blog and leave a comment I will try and visit yours between now and next Wednesday!


  1. with scenery like that, no desk is no problem, ha ha! glad you are enjoying the trip and catching up with friends. Have a great week. Helen #2

  2. HI Vicki lovely to see the grand canyon and beautiful pics of your trip. Looks like you are all having a fab time.
    sandra de @26

  3. Hi Vickie, it looks like you are having a fabulous trip. Awesome scenic photos too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #22 xx

  4. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the rest of your journey - lucky you having another two weeks to go!!
    Diana #24 x

  5. Happy Belated WOYWW. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos. The scenery (and weather) is fabulous. How lovely to visit your daughter. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Ali x #11

  6. Oh you are having such a great trip, am loving your photos and reports. I didn't realise how far apart geographically that you and Heather are now, it must have been lovely to visit.

  7. Hi Vicki your trip looks fabulous. I would so love to visit the Grand Canyon!!! Lovely photos. Anne x #20

  8. I do believe I mentioned last week that you are taking a trip the hubby and I have talked about Forever! So thank you for sharing and the photos... (Post MORE please (smile) because they are the "kick in the pants" we need to get us to plan our trip ... but we will be starting in Western Canada and making our way down! Happy Belated WOYWW from Lynne in Canada - #47


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