Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WOYWW #372

Another week gone by and not a lot accomplished around the hacienda!  Welcome back to Julia!  I am glad to see you getting back on your feet and walking the road to recovery.  If you are wondering who Julia is and what WOYWW is click the link to Stamping Ground and check it out!  I have started rearranging my craft room and OMG!  It is not an easy tasks.  I keep pulling things out and playing with them, stroking them, and acting like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

True story…

My desk this week….both of them!
This is my close up work desk and computer desk.  I normally keep it fair free of debris!  I have to have my computer for all my on line rants!  I keep collecting stuff on the sewing cabinet!  Need to get at that tonight!
my desk that I usually do most of my work on…kinda piled up higher and deeper the past few days.  Trying to find a horizontal surface to sit something on to is a major feat around here.  As you can see the floor fell victim first! 

The new shelving units I put in to hold my stash of stamps.  I have a lot of stamps.  It used to be a small book shelf then a bigger one and as I started diversifying my interests cutsey, floral, steampunk, grunge etc I started collecting more and more!  Of course I can't get rid of any of it.  "we wants it, we needs it, MUST have the Precious!!"
See my helper in the top picture?  Ghost always works with me….;-)

Well I guess I will get back to work.  I have an appointment this after noon then I will start back in rearranging and trying to get a few things done around here.

Think I will leave you with a great recipe that I made a couple weeks ago and plan on making again this evening….very tasty!  Enjoy!


  1. Hi Vickie, long time no see!
    Your 'new' Ikea cabinets look great there and it's good to have a bit more space for stuff. And you certainly have a lot of stuff!
    Thanks for the recipe. It sounds yummy. I might have to hunt for certain ingredients, like the flax seed or the nut butter. Even peanut butter is hard to find here as people don't eat it. (How can one not like peanut butter!)
    Have a great week,

  2. wow! your desks are very busy! the bookcase is a great idea with the stamps :) Lea #50

  3. Hello Vickie. Hope your appointment went well, and that you are able to find the necessary horizontal space... That recipe sounds wonderful - but remind me not to go anywhere near it... I'm allergic to fruit!! The chocolate sounded good, though - and I can eat that..
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. You look like you have some great storage in your room, but I know what you mean about being Gollum and touching things saying 'my precioussss'. I always seem to forget what I've got. I think I have them organised, but put them somewhere totally different. Sigh.

    Good luck with your organising
    Sharon K #37

  5. Wow your desks are definitely full! The shelves look great though. Dorlene #43

  6. I would have never thought of chocolate & Zucchini together - it must be awesome or you would not have posted it. I may have to give it a try! have a blessed day, donna #41

  7. Re above..chocolate goes with EVERYTHING!!Vickie, your shelving looks great. I would have this many resources if I didn't "purge" regularly.I just get overwhelmed. Then I can't find anything.I hope you like your little kitty when it comes.Luckily I tried it on, and found I hadn't sewn the brooch back high enough on the back.All fixed now!! It's the NOISE Vickie- driving me crazy!!

  8. hmmm good luck with that then... the shelves look great though! Helen #4

  9. Oh heck! At first I quickly scrolled through the photos to the recipe (yum yum) but then I went back to look and marvel at all the stuff you have. All I can say is 'the best of luck with it all'. How many weeks have you scheduled to get it to how you want it?
    Hugs Neet 2 xx

  10. Yummy thanks for the cookie recipe. Will definitely give this a go. I am in awe of all your crafty products..... amazing.
    sandra de #32

  11. Maybe once a year, I will dig in and re-arrange, but boy, it takes a village!!! Most times I even find new supplies!! :)

  12. The palsy is an issue, but I am otherwise well on the road now, thank you. I am completely with you about keeping the stamps...they're my friends and I love them all! but the clearing of the rest of my stuff has to happen and yep, floor is the first casualty, and sadly, I don't have ghost to even keep a space for! Keep going, apparently it's cathartic!!

  13. Happy Belated WOYWW. Firstly, now I am really hungry and want some of those muffins (and it is midnight here now)! Secondly - I expect you know where everything is in your craft room, and I would love to come and play with your stamp collection. I have started doing some mixed media now - and went out to my local craft shop this afternoon. I came home with a large bag of paints/stencils/brushes/ink sprays etc etc. I then joined in with an online journalling session - and actually created a background. I feel a new addiction coming on. My health has not been great, so I am glad I have a new distraction for the coming months - and one that I can do most of the time (sometimes my pain/fatigue means I can only lie on the sofa and watch tv). I hope you are ok. Not been blogging much, as my Tarot reading business takes up so much of my time - but attempting to get a life balance improvement and get back to crafting/personal blogging. Ali x #30

  14. o my, one very good used craft table, your stamp storage looks awesome, I have the same addict, a craft addict :-), want want and keep everything lol, Happy WOYWW from Vicky #34

  15. Happy belated WOYWW! Love Gollum...I so know what you mean! I've tried to cull out my stamps; simply can't do it...even the ones I've won/freebies I know I'll never use. And I love your desks; looks like home. Have a great weekend.
    -K $42

  16. thanks for the recipe. An alternative to what I'm going to do with the zucchin growing in the garden. In cataloging my stamps, I discovered I have a lot more than I thought, too. I swear the multiply when I'm not looking LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly


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