Thursday, December 31, 2015

WOYWW #343 and a couple presents I made

What is WOYWW?  It stands for What's On Your Workspace Wednesday and each week a group from around the world gets together to share their spaces, what they are working on, and other aspects of their lives.  Julia has been kind enough to handle the mob each week for over 5 years now and it has always been a lot of fun for me and the other to link up and see what's up in the world.   Click on the link above and check it out. 

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the new year.  My son and his family came down from Tennessee and spent the week before Christmas.  It was so much fun seeing how they had grown and how different they were from the last time I had seen them.  Teresa is in first grade now and talks all the time about all things Star Wars and scientific.  Hannah is a girlie girl and if it sparkles and can be worn she is pleading...please Grammie.  Charlie is walking now and has one of the most beautiful of smiles.  Heather and Michael hosted them at their house and hosted Christmas dinner and we all had a lot of food and fun! 

On Christmas Day I was headed out to Heather's house and fell, face planted on the front drive, causing various degrees of damage to my left knee, left elbow, right shoulder, and back.  I went to the emergency department and they said while they couldn't see anything that was obviously broken I did have some soft tissue damage and tendons injured in the fall.  I now sport a shiny hot pink and flowered walker that helps me get around when needed and a swollen knee that limits just about all that I am capable of doing.  I have an orthopedic doctor's appointment on Jan 7 to find out if he can tell me more...I doubt it but I will go and hopefully he can get rid of the ouchies for me!

Okay!  Now on to my desk this week...
Yes I know...what a mess!  I was starting to sort through some stuff after I finished the girls canvases the other day and never made it any further....guess it will give me something to do while my knee heals. 

Speaking of canvases....  Here are a couple canvases I made for my granddaughters...

 I covered the 12x12" canvas I made for Teresa with some left over tissue paper that was blue and covered in multicolored snowflakes.  I used modeling paste and a stencil to make the snowflakes and snow at the bottom of the canvas.  Fearful for little fingers prying the blingy bits off I stuck them down very well with Glossy Accents and covered the hat and the hand panted letters with it also.  I love buttons and bling so I used a couple buttons shaped like birds in nests in the tree on the far right. 
you couldn't see the Glossy Accents on the hat very well so here it is up close.  Like I said I stuck all the blingy bits down with it also.

Hannah's Canvas is a little more difficult to see in the light with such a light background and dark gingerbread man and name.  I think I would have used a little lighter brown in retrospect and a darker background.
I found some more buttons in the box that had to do with the gingerbread theme and stuck them to the canvas along with a little more bling.  Hannah is all about bling, bracelets, necklaces and girly stuff. 

You can barely see the snowflakes on the canvas above so I took pictures of them and the bling that I shared in these two photos.

Okay that is it for me for today.  I will be back tomorrow to share a candle box I made for my daughter in law. 



  1. Holy moly ouch may you heal quickly and the new year bring you good luck. Your girls canvases look wonderful hugs Nikki 1

  2. Fabulous post with super makes. Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care Zo xx 30

  3. I love the candle box, and I bet the girls loved the are just so full of good ideas!

  4. Oops, not finished! Hope your collection of injuries heals properly, especially your must use the walker as much as you can, better yet, stay off it for a while. Take care. Xxx

  5. Oh goodness! I am so sorry you fell over, it sounds nasty! Take care of yourself. I use a walker with a seat so I can sit down lots due to M.E. It's really boring plain colours. Your sounds cool! xxx

  6. oops, hope you recover from your tumble soon! Love the gifts you made for your grandchildren. Happy New year. Helen 5

  7. Oh my, you have been busy - those canvasses are a lovely gift. I do hope you soon start to feel easier after your fall - and that there is nothing serious when you see the orthopod!
    Take care in 2016. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  8. Oh Vickie that fall sounds awful do take care and get plenty of rest. Love all the things you've been making and the candle box above is lovely. Sending you hugs and wishes for a Happy and Crafty New Year, Angela x16 P.S. thanks for the visit to mine too x

  9. Your canvases are lovely, and I'm sure your granddaughters will treasure them. Sorry to hear you've had a fall, I'm glad nothing was broken, although it can still be as painful and debilitating - I hope you recover quickly. Thanks for the visit, sorry I'm so late in getting round, it's all a bit mad at the moment but should settle right down once New Year is out of the way!
    Diana #18

  10. Hi Vickie, Hope you are soon on the mend.

    Love the canvases.

    Love all the scrummy crafting stuff on your desk. I may have started to drool:) LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  11. Oh Vickie, I'm so sorry you had a blooming shakes you up :-(. I hope that the ortho guy can help. Fingers crossed for a healthier 2016 huh?
    Your desk is magnificent in its mayhem, hope you've been having fun!
    Hugs and a Happy New a Year,
    LLJ 8 xxx

  12. Oh dear - what a mess! Hope you are a fast healer and that things get better for you soon.
    Fabulous makes on your blog post.
    Have a Happy New Year (with no more falls)
    Hugs, Neet xx


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