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Pennsic Wars XLIV 2015

Checking in for what seems to be my monthly posting recently.  This time I have a good excuse....well a more reasonable reason why I didn't blog...I didn't have internet access!  I was gone to war...Pennsic Wars to be precise.  I went screaming and kicking last year but this year I was a very willing participant in the camp.  It is a medieval reenactment/submersion that everyone dresses up in period and lives a more primitive life for two weeks.  Watch this video or click the Pennsic Wars link to learn more.
Click here to go to Pennsic Wars video on Vimeo
 A few pictures of me and fellow campers...
 Here is a "freeze frame" of our camp!  The McGuire's Marauders encampment is in the lower middle part of this frame.  See the big white tent at 6pm?  That's our big sleeping tent is straight back next to the road.  It is just a regular tent not a period canvas but it is where I lived for 2 weeks!
Pennsic is its own town for two weeks out of every year with a postoffice and zip code, shopping center, food court etc.  It is huge...there were about 11, 500 people there this year.

Heather and Michael's massive tent!  18'x18ft'!

Heather and Sara working on my tent!

Our tents set roof and the canvas with the green dags.

Getting ready to put up the BFT! 

There is a lot of communal work that has to be done in order to make the camp livable.  Everyone has chores that is capable of doing them and chores are fitted to people who have handicaps or disabilities.  

Wood is delivered and line was formed to stack it!

Big tent up and a fire in the pit.  Our open air shower...made a bit of a concern for some when the drones where
Some photos from around Pennsic!

 Pennsic University is a real and true school.  There are classes in cooking, sewing, jewelry making, brewing beer and mead, weaving, knitting etc....  To appreciate PU check out this class schedule...
Heather going/coming from classes she taught at Pennsic University. 

Heather teaching her class in making Largesse to give away.
Bethany took a class on henna body painting and got Heather to help her decorate her hands.

I made a ring and a pendant in Heathers class...

First wire work I have ever done and I really enjoyed the class.
I also took a class in gluten free Medieval cookery that I enjoyed.  Lots of good info was obtained about grainless medieval cooking.

I celebrated my 63rd birthday at Pennsic this year.  A group of us got together and went to Red Lobster to celebrate...what could be better then a couple drinks and some crab!!
Michael, Heather, Bethany, and Sara
Julie to my right...

Michele to the left

I had a wonderful time!

Some random pictures...

The ice cream truck was a favorite location
A group of us went for ice cream and I got a picture of the crown on this counts head!!!  Yes it is silicone roosters!
Julie at the food court
The dragon lighting up the sky!

Beautiful Sunsets
Heather, Julie and I on an outing into town.  A nice stranger took a pic for us!
 The street urchins out and about.  These 3 are selling the Pennsic Independent news paper...."a dollar tweny five" others make ice runs and sell ice to the overheated masses.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my page and the memories I am sharing.  Promise to get back on the crafting wagon soon!

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  1. Loved looking at your photos! What an organisation that must have been! But great fun I'm sure.


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