Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello and WOYWW!

Spent a great weekend trip to Dallas and when I got home Sunday all sorts of things started happening around here.  I felt like that little Peanuts character Linus that has the black cloud over his head.  I almost forgot all about it being Wednesday with all the stress and trauma I have been going through the past couple days!

Here is a picture of my desk today...truly today too...5:27 pm CST counts as today still right?   
 What stress and trauma you say...well I lost my damned iPhone and my life rather revolves around the information I get from the phone...especially since I have such issues with my memory and have to have it to remind me to take pills etc. DD told me that the iPhone store had a special for $.99 you could get a replacement 4s phone so I agreed to meet up with her and ended up with a 5c instead.
my beautiful blue iPhone 5c
I wouldn't have put out the money but she and her husband felt I needed this phone as a replacement since everyone in the family has 5 somethings.  Thank you chillin's for the phone!  I thought that since DD sprung for the phone I should take the first pic on it of her...looks happy with that bowl of pasta doesn't she! Heather hates me taking her picture!
This thing has an awesome camera among all its awesome fun!  I got a blue phone with a case that is opaque and has a purple stripe around it.  Very nice!

Visited a new dermatologist this Tuesday and she tells me I may have some more face cancer and took a biopsy right then and there...imagine my surprise!  I wasn't expecting that for sure!!!  I was popping and cracking getting up and down off the table and she said she was going to tell my rheumatologist to test for psoriatic arthritis since I guess I have that in my ears and family history of people having it.  It is caused by an immune system going awry...well that sums me up for sure...and isn't something you want to play around with according to her.  Hmmm...I love getting old...anyway I will go back to the RA doctor on the 26th and see what she has to say!

I have made a few Valentines this week to share.  The tags are made using Vintage Photo, and Barn Door Distress inks and tags I made from old file folders.  This was an idea that has been rumbling around in my brain...a card made using a large tag with small tags in the pocket.   I probably will put a picture on the back of one small tag and a sentiment on the back of the other one.  I thought it turned out nicely!

Another tag was made by embossing the tag with a folder after distressing the tag and drizzling water on it...loved all the water marks.  I then used Vintage Photo to distress the design and bring it to the front.  I used some left over pieces of scrap card and Graphic 45 papers to make the paper bits on the tag. 

Here is a close up of the cupid and the tag fob.
 Another happy thing was a late Christmas present/early Valentines present from my DH.  Isn't he nice to buy me this.  I love the perfume, lotions, shower gel and he gets it for me every Christmas  but this year got away from us.  That's okay though cause this one was bought during a gift giveaway time so more will be coming in the next day or two!  YAY!  Even for a lousy beginning to the week I am faring like a fat rat huh!
Okay that's enough.  Julia is going to smack my keyboard for me going on so long!   Julia likes them short and sweet and this one is anything but...but then they never are if I am writing them.  Julia is the Grand Dame that hosts this desk hop each Wednesday.  Go by Stamping Ground and check out all the fun desks and talks that are going on over there!


  1. Hi Vickie, Not doing WOYWW this week. A bit "busy" glued to the TV trying to get my fill of winter sports! But was having a quick look around anyway. Glad your phone issues are sorted. I still use a "dinosaur" phone but a smart phone is on the horizon when I figure out which one I want :)
    My husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (you don't often hear of it) about 7 years ago. He is on medication, which is not entirely effective, but at the moment, it only affects his fingers (which is a nuisance as he plays the piano) and the skin around one eyebrow!
    Hope things are looking up this week :)

  2. you have such a fun desk, love how happy the color is of your new phone too! hopefully they new things your dr.'s figure out will work fast!

  3. They are so pretty I love them 
    happy WOYWW 
    Peggy xx #3

  4. Hello Vicki - sounds so exciting - a weekend in Dallas :-) loving the tags. I've just had a new phone and I also love the same perfume as you!!!! Now I want pasta for lunch :-) Sorry to be late. Anne x #78

  5. Oh no, you lost your phone! that stinks. But all is well with the new one. It's still frustrating! Pretty tags you've made. Can you recommend any craft stores in the area? I'll be in OKC 3/24-4/4 for a class right near the airport. Brigita #88

  6. OMG! Love your valentine!
    I feel the pains of getting older daily, like you, not much fun. BUT I am thankful each morning that my feet hit the floor.
    Cool new phone
    Beautiful is the only fragrance I wear. DH bought me some years ago and I have stuck with it ever since. LOVE their lotion, could bath in that stuff....LOL
    Hope all your test go well.
    Your daughter is a very pretty woman, love her smile.

  7. I'm sorry to read about your arthritis problems. I was born with a rare form where I have no calcium around my joints. I hope yours isn't as bad as originally suspected.

    I've been using file folders as the substrate for my two journal projects this year. BUT, I never thought of making cards or tags with them. What a clever idea. Happy Valentine's Day and happy day after WOYWW from #1.

  8. Hi Vickie,

    Isn't it odd that those of us with auto-immune diseases we seem to attract another one, then another one..... Starting out with fibro and then the lupus. And now you with the possibility of psoriatic arthritis. My Aunt is also going through the same thing. Biopsy taken and waiting to see. I hope the biopsy they took from your face comes back negative.

    Your Valentine tags look great. I really didn't do any Valentine themed anything. Ah, being a single gal has it's advantages!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (86)

  9. Hi Vickie, sorry to hear about your health problems flaring up, lets all hoe its under control. Gorgeous Valentine on your desk today too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx

  10. I really hope things get back on track for you, both for your health and for life in general. You certainly seem to be keeping cheery so .... good on yer!
    Great neat desk as ever and your tags for Valentine are Grrrreat!
    Jo x

  11. I hope you get back on top really your tags, gorgeous...Hope you have a fab week and happy crafting
    DeDe #98

  12. thats not nice to hear, so sorry and hope it gets sorted soon. Love your tags what a cool idea. Lusting after your iphone 5C arent they scrummy.
    Gill x 75

  13. Gosh another medical doosey to contend with, having the problems you already have is enough. Take it easy ok. Hey cool phone I agree but I am bias when it comes to the iPhone. There is an apt called find my phone, you should get it, it is really worth it, honest. Great tags and wow what an awesome and beautiful gift. Have a great week it can only get better.

    Hugs Eliza 10


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