Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOYWW #166

Yes,  it is still Wednesday! Yes, I am running a little late...15:23 to be exact...but I still made it to the party!  What party you say...well hop on over to Julia's place...Stamping Ground and join the fun!  

Okay on to the important is my desk this week!  I have been busy this week but for the life of me I can't figure out doing what!

My desk is loaded with 'stuff' I am making for swaps.  the small tags on the left are the start for the Halloween Chaos canvas swap.  We were each assigned a tag size and we make up 12 tags and the hostess is mounting them on a 12x12 canvas for us.  The large tags on the right are for a August Tag swap on Creativeblock Yahoo group!

Another thing I have been doing is taking care of the grand-critters (fur babies) while the kids are off on vacation.  I go over and try and spend 2-3 hours a day doing this or that crafting so that they think they haven't been abandoned by their Momma and Dad!! 
This is Inara a mixed Siamese breed that adopted my daughter and son-in-law about 6 years ago.  Inara is such a loving kitty.  Here she is lying on top of my project of the day...putting together the cubes for my new craft room.  I am not for sure if she is offering to help or telling me that I should forget that or pay attention to her!!
Next is Horace, 7 years old, is their ever inquisitive cat.  I know what he is up to he is wanting to help by mixing up all my bits and pieces I carefully laid out to put together the boxes.

Last but not least is Nyasa an African Grey Parrot.  Micheall selected Nyasa as a hatchling and he is about 13 years old now.  If I would have to guess Nyasa has a vocabulary of a 3+ year old and makes himself known either by talking English or Burdle when impatient!! (Screeching)  I caught him here with a bit of chicken that I gave him as a treat...something seems wrong with a bird eating chicken!!

That's it for me today!  I am going to go and get a few things done before heading out to my daughters to care for the above critters.  Have a great week!


  1. Have fun looking after all the pets - you mentioned about the bird eating chicken - our chickens eat all sorts of leftovers including chicken and my son calls them cannibals!
    Bernice #46

  2. Your tags are looking very interesting and colorful so far! Can't wait to see your craft room all re-organized and spiffied up. :) Its very sweet of you to care for their pets while they are away, too. But we would expect that of you! :)
    Deeyll #125

  3. Hi Vickie,

    Oh, your desk is calling to me. Can't wait to see how you finish the tags.

    How nice that you spend time visiting with the critters before heading back home. I bet they love it when you're there.

    Today is my one year anniversary. Blog candy will be announced soon. I'm taking a poll so go on over and put in your 2 cents!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #96

  4. The colors of those tag backgrounds are so vivid and colorful. Just lovely. dani101

  5. oh my --critterville Gwamma! LOL Have fun! Sue Kment

  6. I like the picket fence on your small tag and the bright colors on your larger tags. Your grandkitties were being *so* helpful with your project. ha, ha

  7. Well, it doesn't look like anyone is suffering so you must be doing a tip top job fur and feather baby sitting! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Your desk is really neat considering that inking! Lovely fur babies too, although I admit I'm not much of a cat prison.

  9. I'm not much on making tags, but I can see those August tag backgrounds being great for ABs. They are gorgeous. Horace looks a lot like Bleubeard, except darker. He is a doll. Yep, I'm partial, even with YOUR fur grandbabies.

  10. Hya Vickie, yes, it does sound strange a bird eating chicken! How nice of you to go and spend time with the cats and what big beautiful cats they look to be.
    Love your tags, especially the bright ones on the right - wonder what you are going to do on them? Mmmm....
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx #36

  11. Vickie looks as if you have your hands full with animals, enjoy getting inky with those tags. Enjoy the rest of your week, hugs Erika. #45

  12. Love the bright colors of your tags. The animals are so funny aren't they when they want your attention, they know how to get it. Sandy :) #31

  13. Love the colors on those larger tags!! I miss having kitties -- always seemed to lay down on whatever you are doing, walking all over your projects. Lol.

  14. Lol - those animals have got such personality, especially the parrot!! Great pics!
    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  15. I love the colors in your tags. All your kids pets are lovely, but I espcecially love the African Grey. Blessings!


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