Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas Tags 2 and 3

I have completed another couple tags for the 12 Tags of Christmas I have been following on the Tim Holtz blog. Each year he does such awesome tags and every year I say I am going to make all 12 of the tags but never get started. I am started now and having a blast doing them! I think I am on a roll here! I am hoping to get a few more tags turned out today so that I will be all caught up by the 15 December and I can focus just on Christmas gifts! My daughter and I decided that if you are giving a gift this year it has to be homemade and I have very little completed! Oh well, it is the thought that counts!

Day 2 tag was a lot of fun to work on but I wanted to pull my hair out cause I had trouble finding canvas much less self stick canvas anywhere in my town. I had a piece of canvas card stock so I used that to cut my out deer. My tag was changed up a little more today and I added the stars to the base of the card rather then the brads because I don't own the distress mallet and I liked the stars better! I don't have The lighting is pretty dark tonight (DUH! night time!!) so if I can get a better picture tomorrow I will swap it out!

Here is Tim's Tag 2...isn't it gorgeous!

My tag 3 was a little more of a challenge then what I thought it was going to be but...I persevered and I think it turned out okay. I put a little bling and some fake holly on it rather then cutting out leaves etc. I like it.

Tim's Tag 3...very nice!

Hope you are enjoying the 12 Tags of Christmas as much as I am. I will post more tags soon!


  1. These are lovely - the top one is my favourite! Looks like a great series to be doing and following along with.

  2. Got a little side tracked last week with hospital appointments(me), doctors (hubby) and vets (Wimpy).
    Anyway I will say it very quietly so as not to upset Tim but I rather like your versions of his tag better!!! Keep them coming. Hugs Mrs A.


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