Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been very busy this week doing various and sundry things but when I went in to take a picture of my desk it looked sadly lacking in someway. I truly have been busy crafting and you will have to scroll back through the posts to see what I have been up to!

This is my desk this morning. Not much to see all things told as I am in the beginnings of a new project for the Grungy Monday Challenge over at StudioL3 where everyone gets together and submits a Grungy project using the challenge bit which this week is color washes. As you can see from the tag on my mat what I was attempting to do may not be working out but I am not giving up on it yet. I took a mini-mister and added the faded denim to it and then added some Perfect Pearls but it looks a little strange to me...
I am attempting my first 'steampunk' style tag and I am not exactly sure what I am doing so keep tuned to see how it turns out.

I bought a notebook to start an art journal in and have been watching posts on you-tube in hopes I can learn what to do. It looks like it could be a lot of fun to make one so I am going to give it a go. Looking at the paper mat on my desk I might keep it to put in my journal! It has lots of possibilities.

If you stumbled on to my site and wonder what I am blabbering on about it is Wednesday and every Wednesday we get together and take a peak at other peoples desks around the world...literally. Anyway if you would like to join in or just get more information go to Stamping Ground where the Queen of this kingdom Julia Dunnit has set up the system. Thanks for stopping by! I am off to take a peek at the other peoples desks.


  1. Oooh, your desk looks very busyily creative and I adore that tag stood up there, very clever, tfs :-)
    Hugs xx

  2. That looks like really fun messy crafting :-)
    A x

  3. Hi Vickie, wishing you the best with your journal. That's right, the paper mat would be perfect for your journal. There's no right way or wrong way about art journaling- just start, and enjoy yourself! Patsy from

  4. Oooh - love the scrap paper, never mind the tag! Make sure you save your scrap to use as a background in your art journal. Thanks for swinging by!

  5. Loving those colours! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great looking gears your playing with there Vickie! Think you on to a good thing there on the grunge front its looking good, cant wait to see the end result!

  7. Love the colours you are working with. Lots of creativity going on.
    Have a lovely Wednesday,
    Karen #102

  8. Looks like you've had great fun spraying those gears in my fave colour. Hope we get to see the end result too,
    JoZarty x

  9. I always use a pizza box to spray colour washes (or indeed any other sprays) into and I always put white cardstock in too, because sometimes the background looks really interesting and you can get some fantastic paper to use in another project. I like the background paper you have now on your table! It also limits where the spray gets to as well. Looking forwsrd to seeing this finished. Behind with mine this week!

  10. So much creativity on your desk again. I'm sure you'll enjoy art journaling - I don't think there are any rules!

  11. I understand really well about that "I don't know what I'm doing feeling!". Will be watching your art journalling with interest - I've got a notebook too and just haven't quite started. Like, taken a year to not start!

  12. Love the colours you are using on your desk - have fun with the art journaling - happy Wednesday

  13. When you get started on your art journal, you will have amazing fun...I don't believe there are any rules, but U-tube is a good place to start for inspiration.
    Good luck with it!
    Sue xx 41

  14. Wow - you look like you have been very busy. Lots of lovely creative projects! Just to let you know we have a give away over at our blog which you are more than welcome to join in.
    Take care
    Rachel and Angela

  15. Vickie I actually like the way your tags look, although i am not familiar with steam punk so not sure if they were meant to look like that or not, lol.
    you are so lucky to have a craft shop coming to town, I wouldnt mind one coming to the country never mind the town - ha!
    thanks for popping by earlier
    caroline #49

  16. Hi there Vickie thanks for popping over.. the weeks are flying by but love the purple look and think Grungy Monday is great name often feel that way on a Monday..Happy WOYWW!
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  17. Your desk looks wonderful. And yes, I think your paper mat gives a lot of opportunities.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Ohhh looks fun!

    Genntle hugs (My hubby has fibro too)

    Ali #85

  19. Looks like a great work in progress. Will look out for the finished piece on the challenge blog.


  20. The paper you've been working on is fabulous. I hope you'll use it for something. I can imagine it as a backdrop for pretty much anything! Looking forward to seeing your tag.

    Thanks for visiting me. Your comments on my colours have made me hate the orange less!

    cheers, rachel #70

  21. I would be using the paper behind your work, the bits with the stencilling on after you sprayed. They would make brilliant background papers, but I am sure you have already thought of that. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog this week.

  22. I keep meaning to get on with my journal ...have done the cover and the backgrounds of 3 pages ...and then inspiration fled lol. Love your idea of using your mat ...I was thinking that it looked interesing before I read your post ....godd luck ...have fun

  23. That looks like messy crafty fun to me.
    Cannot wait to see the finished product.
    Happy Crafting.
    Crafty Kaz.

  24. Good for you for trying your first steampunk tag. I love the steampunk look but am a little intimidated by all the gorgeous projects out there that I have seen. Thanks for sharing your lovely creative space - I think I would have fun creating in a spot like this!

    And thanks for already visiting my post!

    Sheena #137

  25. Hi Vickie - firstly thanks so much for your lovely comment. The craft room window is all better again! AS others have said, I'd keep the paper you're spraying onto - looks good. And do I spy some yummy buttons in containers to the left of your photo - isn't it just great having a nose! Di x

  26. oh this look interesting, look forward to seeing the end result.

  27. Sorry if I've commented twice, I left a comment, then had to sign in again (for some reason), then don't know if it accepted the comment or not - doh!!

    I said something about not being a huge fan of steampunk or journalling, but that I do appreciate the work of others. Your steampunk project is taking shape with those gears - great colour btw.

    Thanks for already stopping by to see my desk this week x

    Sherry (103)

  28. Your desk looks fine to me! Very creative and busy. I really like that tag with the dress form on it. Great colours!

  29. It's great to have a play and an experiment, isn't it? You never know what happy accidents might occur :-)

  30. A Busy Desk is a Happy Desk... & Happy Desk is Rarely a Clean One. ;O)
    I use the 'over spray' sheets all the time if not for Art Journaling then they make awesome backgrounds for other projects (picture a silhouette on top or cut into thin strips for trim). Looks aweeeesome so far!
    Sarah #101

  31. Hi Vickie, thanks for visiting me for woyww.I think your paper mat looks fab with its negative images and gorgeous colour.Your tags are great, would love to have a go but wouldn't know where to Had a look at the owl punch rose, think I could have a bash at one of those.
    Hugs lottie x

  32. That looks like some fun stuff! I can't wait to see your tag!

  33. Great little cogs - I am sure you will find a good use for them.

  34. I'm new to the Tim Holtz world but I need to try one of the challenges, sounds fun!

  35. I think it looks fantastic. Your doing amazing for not knowing what your doing. I bet it'll be just gorgeous when your done!

  36. love the colours and the cogs, very steam punk,

    I would do my own soldering but he needs to feel useful...


  37. Loving all the cogs and spritzing - love all your TH tags too :-)

    hugs Sarah x x x

  38. Those cogs are looking good! And definitely save the scrap for your journal! I have been doing a journal and it is really fun! No rules! YouTube is great for getting ideas and can I also reccommend Tam at Willowing. She has a .ning site and has a free journaling/healing course. So far I have just done the first lesson in the free course, but I enjoy her style so much I bought her other courses too! If you want to check it out I have the "willowing" button on my sidebar.
    I can't wait to see what you will do with an art journal! I have a feeling it will be amazing!
    xoxo Karen

  39. Hi, Vickie!! oooh, your tag and gears look very intriguing! Can't wait to see what you post over at Studio L3. And that art journal sounds fun - I think you should definitely add your paper mat to it!! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my crafty space! :)

  40. Hiya! Thanks for visiting! I'd definately keep the inky mat! Looks like it has great possibilities! :)
    xoxo Sioux

  41. Hi Vikie,
    Could you cut a tag shape out of the sheet of paper your working on cos that looks mighty interesting. This steam punk seems all the rage. Must get my head around it too. Not done a desk this week as I had an accident with an insect/bug in the garden at the weekend and though he was a lot more smaller than me I came off the worse. (Blood poisioning)Now on last day of antibiotics and leg is slowing going down and a yellow colour as oppossed to bright red.
    Me and critters have a long history of not getting along!!

  42. Your desk is great, nice and busy!

  43. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my desk this week. It was sweet of you. I love what you have done with the the steampunk tag. Made it nice that I could jump ahead and see the pieces you made. Really love the work in progress as well as the finished product.

  44. Your desk certainly doesn't look lacking to me, there's lots happening by the looks of things. I'm liking the look of the cogs although Steampunk has me baffled at the minute, not sure what it's all about!!
    Your paper will make the start of a great journalling page. Isn't it funny how the scrap paper we use to spray and ink on can often look more interesting than what we are in the process of making, or is that just me!!
    Sorry to be so late visiting this week. The sunshine has returned to the UK and you have to make the most of it. Thanks so much for your great comments.
    Hugs Lisa #81

  45. Owls and Elephants has a great channel on YouTube for Art Journaling.. She is great! Your desk is busy today, I love Grundy Monday what a cool idea..

    Sorry I'm late making my rounds from last week..


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