Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tags Class

I am doing another tag class at WLS next week. I have gotten quite a few comments from people about my creativity and the ideas I come up with. Folks I am clueless where the inspiration comes from. One time I am all frilly and the next I am grungy. I love the bipolar aspect of my work. Keeps me flowing and happy!

Back to the topic at hand. The question I was asked by several people about these cards was..."Do these tags have a story? They sure look like they should have a story"... Yes, Yes they do! Most of my tags have a story when I am making them. Sometimes Tim Holtz type tags puts me in an introspective mood and draws on my memories. I think that is why I like the grungy aspect of the work is because life isn't always so bright and shiny.

This first tag is all about a journey through life. Check out the collage of various paper bits.

I loved the look off all the papers in the Lost and Found Paper Stack and just tore them up and combined them into a collage for the journey tag. These things have meaning for me! The clock is because time is limited and I need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses.

This man reminds me of my Uncle grandmothers brother.

Carl was a Marine on Iwo Jima in WWII and was wounded and sent home. Grandma and Carl's other two other brothers weren't as lucky, there wasn't any "Saving Private Ryan" for their family, and they were killed in the South Pacific. Carl was always so dapper and chic when he wasn't in the throe's of his alcoholism...he brought back with him from the war! Carl was unique!

The third tag is about hope and after listening to a debate in our town about funding education I wonder if there is any hope.

The story here is the tree of life is behind a fence for protection and we as parents and citizens should protect our children. The children in the class picture are the future and need us to help them what ever it takes. This tag deserves a hope ticket!

There is a method to my madness I tell myself. Some days it flows without rhyme or reason. Nope I am not certifiable...well not by my standards just working in another part of my brain. Thanks for visiting. Leave a comment if you wish. Let me know what you think.

Tree die cut out
Fence Cutout
4 flowers
4 brads
Adage ticket
Hinge Clip
Philosophy Tag
Type Charm
Lg Round charm
Flower ribbon
Muse token
Locket key and faceplate
Mini paper clip
Memo pen
Tiny attacher
Inks: Barn Door
Chipped Sapphire
Vintage Photo
Walnut Stain
Embossing folder


  1. I love your tags and you are a master with Tim Holtz things. Great job and thanks so much for joining us for Joan's Gardens Weekly Tag Challenge. Don't you just love doing them? I sure do. Great job!


  2. Oh what a great tags my favourite is the one with flowers.

  3. I just love that each tag has a story! You have made each one super special. Each and every one of your tags is a work of art!

  4. Your tags are gorgeous and having a story behind them makes them very personal and poignant. I am sure we can all think of a similar story as yours.

  5. I agree with you Vickie... these papers & Timz stuff does give a nod to the past! And reminds us of times past too. Love both of your creations. I have a little something on my blog for you if you would like to pop over!

  6. WOW ... look at you go! These are AWESOME! So unique and beautiful ... LOVE EACH ONE!!

  7. These are amazing. Every tag is very special. So fun to check out all the elements on each one. Your waork is gorgeous.

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  9. Having a story to your work is what makes it so beautiful and unique. Love the second tag, in particular -the story is, in all aspects,identical to my Uncle George and he always wore a hat and suit like that. He was a hard-living, smoking, drinking war correspondent and I still have the typewriter he carried with him through the European theatre. Thanks for the inspiration and memories. Great artwork!
    Kris, Wadsworth, OH

  10. Your tags are fabulous, I am running a tag challenge at the moment if you are interested, details on my blog x

  11. Awesome looking tags! Wish I was closer so I could take a class!


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