Friday, August 13, 2010

Friends lost and friends found!!!

When Ruth told me about the Late Night Stampers being a demo only site I thought that it would probably be a little more technical than I wanted to deal with but... I keep surfing into and learning from the Late Night Stampers (LNS) site and my latest 'gift' from the site has been a reunion with a long lost friend from 25 years ago! I surfed into the LNS Bulk Buy site to look at some craft items and low and behold I saw the name of a friend that I thought was lost to me forever. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a shrinking Violet so I emailed the 'friend' and sure enough (!!) It is her!

Billie and Ted Rice welcomed us to Colorado in December of 1982 and shared their Christmas with us. They became G'ma and G'pa to our children. Billie was my friend and confidant! We shared laughter and tears over the years we were together and it was bitter sweet when they had to move to SC to be close to Billies father who had become ill. A couple years after their move my Christmas Card came back and the link was broken. We didn't have the internet or cell phones years ago and a call across country was cost prohibitive at the time. I thought they were lost to us forever. Billie told me that Ted passed away in 1997 and that is sad. Wish we could have seen him one more time.

I know the kids will be happy to hear of my find! They ask occasionally if we have ever heard from the Rice's now I will be able to respond with an affirmative!!

I have been a Stampin Up! hobby demo for the past couple years and have met some wonderful folks in the business! This week I am going to go per diem as a nurse and I think I am going to start working my business more seriously. If I stumble into such awesome things by accident by just touching the business then think what will happen if I seriously start working it!!!

Thank you Ruth for sending me the link to LNS! It has become one of my most favorite sites!!

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  1. How exciting! :) Tell Billie I said "hi!"... maybe we can plan a trip to visit her sometime?


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