Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recipe cards

I have been involved with a swap where we have been making recipe cards for foods you would get at a barbeque. It has been a lot of fun creating the cards and I am hoping to be able to get enough cards to make up a nice scrapbook with them. Here are the cards that I submitted for Tandoori Chicken, grilled red snapper and blackeyed pea salad. Yummy!

The grilled tandoori chicken is really good but becareful with the seasoning as it can get a little spicy very quickly. The first time I had the chicken at a barbeque the quy that made it was really into spice.

The grilled Red Snapper came from a recipe card from the grocery store just after Chuck and I got married 34 years ago. It was awesome then and I still like to serve it now. I am not a big fish fan so this was a change from the pan fried stuff we get here in Oklahoma a lot.

The Blackeyed pea salad is truly a southern dish. Not a lot of folks like blackeyed peas the way we do down here. I don't really care that much for them myself but as I mature I find myself enjoying them more!


  1. Vickie these recipe cards are very nice. I am in hopes that you received the package that I sent you with your gift.

  2. too cute! I'm going to have to try that black eyed pea salad....


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