Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas cards...

I thought that I would post a few more Christmas cards before moving on. I wish now that I had started the blog a little sooner in the season because I made a whole lot of things I would have liked to have shared here. Maybe I will sneak some of the stuff in here and there. Today though it is just going to be a lot of Christmas stuff.

These first three cards are 6x6 recipe cards that I did for an SCS swap. I may try to do a few more of these and make a cookbook up!

This is a tea bag holder card.


The next couple of pictures are of cards that I made and have now given away. I love the look on peoples faces when you tell them that you made them!

I loved the Snowy Joe patterned paper and dollar stamps that Leslie carried at Whole Lotta Scrap this Christmas!

I tried various card sizes this year and I am love the 6x6 or 5x5 cards. They are so vivid and LARGE that they get the attention of whoever is lucky enough to get one. I found this card sketch on line and decided to give it a try even though I didn't enter the challenge!

This card was also made doing a card challenge sketch but I don't remember who or what blog I found it on. It is a new years resolution to keep better track of that kind of stuff. I am still pretty new to this with my first card being made about a year ago!

This card is made with the first House Mouse stamp I bought this year! I just love the little critters and I will be buying more of these this year!

A couple more cards and then I will quit for today. I love the cards and I love the opportunity to share them.

Thats it for me for right now. Hope your weekend is pleasurable and you are enjoying time with family and friends.


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